Bristol, CT

Bristol, Connecticut is internationally recognized as the headquarters of ESPN, the global leader in sports entertainment. The headquarters of ESPN has not only put Bristol on the map but has also catalyzed the growth of media and broadcasting industries in the region. The city is home to numerous media production companies, television networks, and creative agencies, contributing to its reputation as a hub of media innovation and talent. Additionally, Bristol has a legacy of being a manufacturing powerhouse. From the early days as a center for clock making and brass manufacturing to its modern day prominence in various industries including aerospace components, precision machinery, and speciality chemicals.

Crating and Packing in Bristol, CT

South Shore Crate and Pack in Pembroke, MA, is proud to serve the businesses and residents of Bristol with top-notch crating and packing services. Whether you’re sending a piece of art or shipping a product to a new destination, South Shore Crate and Pack is your trusted partner for secure and reliable packaging solutions. We are just a call away for all things crating and packing like machinery and consumer products. Discover the convenience and professionalism that South Shore Crate and Pack brings to the heart of Bristol, where history meets modernity.