Norwalk, CT

Nestled in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Norwalk is a coastal city renowned for its diverse industries and vibrant community. Norwalk boasts a robust maritime industry, thanks to its strategic location along the Long Island Sound. The city’s harbor supports a range of maritime activities, including shipping, boating, and recreational fishing. Additionally. Norwalk is a hub for biotechnology and life sciences. The city is home to research institutions, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical firms that are engaged in cutting-edge research and development. With access to top talent and world-class research facilities, Norwalk’s biotech industry continues to thrive, driving innovation and economic growth in the region.

Crating and Packing in Norwalk, CT

South Shore Crate and Pack is a crating and packing company that can help the businesses and residents of Norwalk when they need to prepare their valuables and products for a safe shipment including heavy machinery and equipment. Our experienced team will fabricate custom crates and Pelican Cases durable enough to withstand even the harshest shipping conditions of the ocean, air or ground. You put in the time and hard work to develop a quality product, let us protect it!