Waterbury, CT

Located in New Haven County, Connecticut, Waterbury is a vibrant city with a rich industrial history. Manufacturing has long been a cornerstone of Waterbury’s economy, earning it the nickname of “The Brass City”. Historically, the city was renowned for its brass production, with companies like Scovill Manufacturing Company and Chase Brass & Copper Company leading the industry. Although the prominence of brass has diminished today, manufacturing still remains a significant sector, encompassing a range of products from machinery and electronics to plastics and chemicals. Additionally, Waterbury is emerging as a hub for technology and innovation. The city’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like New York City and Boston (where we are located!), combined with its skilled workforce, has attracted tech companies and startups to establish a presence in the area.

Crating and Packing in Waterbury, CT

South Shore Crate and Pack is a crating and packing company that can help the businesses and residents of Waterbury when they need to prepare their valuables and products for a safe shipment including heavy machinery and equipment. Our experienced team will fabricate custom crates and Pelican Cases durable enough to withstand even the harshest shipping conditions of the ocean, air or ground. You put in the time and hard work to develop a quality product, let us protect it!