Whitman, MA

East of Brockton sits the cozy town of Whitman, Ma. At seven square miles, the town is mostly residential. Whitman is home to roughly 15,000 people who are proud to call their town “Home of the Toll House Cookie.” Having a history in the shoemaking industry, Whitman is home to over 1,000 businesses, large and small, such as construction companies, industrial manufacturers, and antique shops to name just a few. The people of Whitman come from a mixed work force and all walks of life.

South Shore Crate and Pack, located about 20 minutes away in Pembroke, MA is a trusted crated and packing company that can support the people and businesses of Whitman. We can prepare any commodity or personal valuables for shipment; whether it’s traveling across the state or around the world. Shipping environment can be volatile and extremely damaging on fragile or high value items and its is our number one goal to protect them. Maybe you are sending off a delicate, handed-down family heirloom or your company is shipping a heavy duty piece of machinery to a customer. We have experience with all types of commodities. If it’s pallets you need or a full crating service, SSCP can work with you and/or your team from the start to finish of the project to put your mind at ease.

If you find yourself in need of crating and packaging services, get in touch with our team of experts today!