Ship artwork protected and stress free with custom wooden crates

When you ship artwork, special care needs to be taken. We recommend using professional packers, who can bring extensive packaging knowledge and shipping experience to your project. South Shore Crate and Pack has years of experience in packaging artwork. Using our custom wooden crates, we specialize in fragile, high value artwork throughout New England.

Whether you are moving artwork between homes, offices, or from auctions or galleries, South Shore Crate and Pack will provide customized, professional, safe crating, packing and shipping. Our specialized custom wooden crates include: 

You will ship artwork stress free with South Shore Crate and Pack custom wooden crates. Let our experts treat your artwork with the care it deserves.

Picture Crate

Our most popular art crate, the picture crate, is also known as the painting crate. It is framed on both sides and built upright with markings and handles. This is the easiest art crate to transport and build. Often, we provide same day service. In addition, South Shore Crate and Pack offers accessories, like custom foam lining, black hardware, custom stenciling, and fork-able pallets. Our team will build any picture crate for frames, paintings, canvas, pictures, etc. 

Statue Crate

Statue crates are more robust and fully enclosed. Also, statues tend to be heavy and require special care because of their non-standard shape. South Shore Crate and Pack uses high quality lumber and foam to protect statues made from stone, marble, granite, glass, porcelain, metals, and wood. Because we build our own pallets and skids, we can easily accommodate large, unusually shaped artwork. From 5 lbs. to 5000 lbs., no job is too big or too small for us at South Shore Crate and Pack.  

Custom wooden crates can be built quickly and economically to the exact dimensions required.

Custom Art Crate

The largest pieces of artwork are often the most complex. Large objects with awkward shapes and footprints are appealing but complicated to transport. South Shore Crate and Pack fabricates unique custom crates to accommodate the shipment of unusually shaped items, both domestically and internationally.

Everything is one of a kind from the deck to the walls, to the foam cuts affixed inside. The South Shore Crate and Pack Team will come on-site, take comprehensive measurements, and engineer a complex shipping crate for your artwork. 


Ship artwork with no worries

Making plans to ship artwork can be stressful. Even if you are not involved in the high-end world of moving masterpieces between exhibits in far-away museums, your artwork deserves proper treatment and safe handling when you relocate it. South Shore Crate and Pack’s experience and specialized knowledge will take the stress and worry out of moving your precious keepsake. 

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