Auction Crating

You won your auction, and the auction house has given you a deadline for removal, now what? At South Shore Crate and Pack, we have years’ experience in auction house removal and crating and packing. We work with all the major auction houses in the area, whether you are buying used medical equipment or a heavy machinery attachment, the SSCP team has the know-how and the contacts to get it picked up, packed, and shipped on time. Our team is at your disposal 24/7 365 for removal, packing, and crating across New England. We are white glove same day for all of our partners. Do not get caught without a plan when winning your auction. Time and time again items are exposed to damage when not properly packed after auction. Protect your investment, invest in SSCP.

Solid Wood Auction Crates

There is no better option for high value auction items. We can install custom foam, shock mount, vapor barrier, heavy duty enclosure, and light duty enclosure. Most international auction winners require this more comprehensive packaging when leaving the auction house. International shipping can be tedious and exchange handlers several times, it’s important the auction crate is suitable for the journey.


Perhaps you are shipping your item domestically? No problem at all. At South Shore Crate and Pack, we can create a custom wooden pallet or skid to accommodate the length and width of your product. Once loaded on the skid, we can safely steel band or nylon band, shrink wrap, and placard the item for safe handling. Palletizing is the happy medium from the more expensive fully enclosed crate. It is a great solution especially if the item is being shipped stateside.

Pick and Pack

South Shore Crate and Pack carries a full line of corrugated options for on site glass pack, bubble wrapping, and more intricate handling. This is needed for smaller auction items that are fragile and need to be shipped together. Our onsite team will safely handle each individual item from your auction, put protective wrapping around it, and place in a larger sturdier shipping container. This service is provided 24/7 to auction winners around the world.

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