Transporting Musical Instruments

crating a harp

The shipment of musical instruments is a delicate process, as they are very fragile and expensive. Knowing the proper steps to safely ship musical instruments is a crucial part of any shipping business and should be learned expertly by transportation companies. We will demonstrate how to safely ship musical instruments using our recent shipments as […]

How to Safely Ship a Grandfather Clock

grandfather clock packaged for shipment

A grandfather clock, like any large and delicate item, is a tricky thing to ship across the country. It requires serious skill, experience and knowledge to be able to safely ship such a sensitive item and get it delivered in the same condition it arrived in. Because grandfather clocks are oddly shaped and very sensitive, […]

Relocation Project- North Carolina

Fragile shipping

We recently helped a client who was looking to relocate some of their equipment from a shared space here in Massachusetts to a facility in North Carolina. Check out the photos below to see a few snapshots of how we were able to get their sensitive equipment safely delivered to North Carolina by utilizing our […]

Ship artwork protected and stress free with custom wooden crates

Fragile shipping

When you ship artwork, special care needs to be taken. We recommend using professional packers, who can bring extensive packaging knowledge and shipping experience to your project. South Shore Crate and Pack has years of experience in packaging artwork. Using our custom wooden crates, we specialize in fragile, high value artwork throughout New England. Whether […]

Crate & Pack to offer wooden crate packaging in New Hampshire

Crate & Pack is coming to New Hampshire

Calling all New Hampshire residents—expert crating services featuring wooden crates and specialty packing services, have arrived. If you’ve ever had to relocate an office, move your factory premises, or ship an oversized or oddly-shaped item, you’ll know it’s not easy (or even possible) to do using traditional means.  Shipping specialized materials requires expert knowledge and […]

Crating robotic technology for shipping

Robotic tech professionally packed to illustrate proper preparation for robotic technology shipping

Moving delicate, expensive robotic tech and equipment adds to the stress and risk of moving your business or home. Robotic technology shipping and high tech crating are specialized processes. Engaging professionals experienced in transporting robot equipment will both ensure the safety of your expensive technology and provide you peace of mind during the move. What […]

Make shipping large items a walk in the park

Factory machine insulated in vapor barrier and secured to pallet ready for relocation

We all know the feeling. You’ve bought a gift for a loved one, or you need to return an item to a vendor, and you just can’t find a cardboard box big enough to fit it in. Cue hours of searching, then difficulty finding packaging materials stable enough to prevent damage to the item and a […]

How to pack and ship odd-shaped items

packaged cargo for transportation

How often have you been wrapping holiday presents and been perplexed by an odd-shaped or cumbersome gift? Perhaps you hand it off to a more experienced wrapper, or maybe just stick it in a bag? Imagine that on a larger scale, then imagine that item having to be shipped, perhaps overseas. Odd-shaped items come in […]