How to pack and ship your business overseas

overseas office relocation companies help to pack and ship your business overseas
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What planning is needed and how much help can you get from overseas office relocation companies?

You’ve started your own business, it’s going well, and you’re making an impressive profit. But what happens when you need to ship your business overseas? Of course, running a business comes with challenges, but moving your business overseas has its own unique set of difficulties and you will need professional help from overseas office relocation companies.

How to relocate to another country

Perhaps you’re moving for your personal life, you think your profits will improve in another country, or you’re opening a new office. Whatever the reason for your move, you’ll need help from office relocation companies or overseas relocation services for your business equipment and personal belongings.  

Before you organize logistics, you’ll need to complete the administrative side of your move. Depending on your destination, you’ll likely need a VISA and permission to live and work in the country. When relocating your business overseas, you’ll also need to check the laws and regulations that govern your business in your destination country.

If you require facilities for your company, finding a space to lease or buy before arriving abroad can be beneficial. Doing so will save time and stress and provide a destination for your business assets.

If your business relies on shipping products to consumers, consider building inventory before the scheduled move. Increased inventory will leave you with enough stock to guarantee your customers an uninterrupted supply of orders. If your business ships products, you’ll need to take stock to the new location.

What do you need to ship?

If you’re moving your business abroad, you want the process to be as friction-free as possible. But, of course, the ideal scenario is to have your business set up overseas just as it was in its original location.

If you work in an office, retail space, or factory, you’ll need to ship any equipment you use on those premises. Unless you decide to rebrand your business, taking any signage or artwork with you

 might be useful.

How to pack your business for relocating overseas

21% of oversized online purchases arrive damaged. When shipping large, fragile, or valuable goods, it is crucial to pack your business’s essential equipment properly.

When moving a business, most of the items you’ll ship will be electronics, machinery, or other larger pieces of company equipment. These items will require appropriately sized, sturdy containers to ship them in and possibly some form of cushioning or shock-absorbent insulation to keep the items safe. 

You could waste valuable time and money trying to package your business’s necessities yourself. Or you could pay an expert crating company to pack your items in crates designed and constructed especially for your needs.

Crating companies specialize in getting large, uniquely shaped, or fragile goods to their destination intact by using specialized wooden crates. Crating is the most effective way to protect essential items on their journey, whether on land, air, or sea.

How to ship your business for relocating overseas

Once your items are packaged, you’ll need to ship them. Finding a reliable shipping company that ships overseas at a reasonable price can be tricky, so it may be easier to work with a crating company that can organize off-site removal and shipment for you. 

Opt for a crating company that can not only package your business’s equipment but can also arrange for worldwide shipping using overseas relocation services. Expert international moving companies are almost always the best choice, especially when the success of your business is at stake.

Things to consider when choosing office relocation companies or an international moving company


Depending on your business, you may need to ship hazardous materials. When you hear ‘hazardous materials,’ you might imagine toxic waste, chemicals, or weapons. In reality, many everyday items fall into the category of hazardous materials (also known as hazmat).

Items such as aerosol sprays, hand sanitizer, bleach, nail polish, and nail polish remover are considered hazardous materials, despite being commonplace items.

These materials can be solids, liquids, or gases. The commonality is that they could harm people, property, or the environment during the shipping process if not properly packaged. 

Common examples of hazardous materials include fragrances, chlorine, fuel, and batteries. While it isn’t what you’d associate with ‘hazmat,’ a fragrance company certainly needs to consider the regulations around them!   

If you use or sell any hazardous materials as part of your business, they’ll need to be packed and shipped according to regulations. You should therefore opt for a packaging service that offers hazmat shipping. To check if anything you need to ship is considered a hazardous material, consult this list

On-site crating services

If you’re moving an existing business overseas, you likely already have assets at your current location. However, if you have any particularly large or fragile items at your premises that you wish to take with you overseas, you may prefer to have these packaged on-site at your business.

That way, you don’t risk damage to the items before crating, and it saves you a trip to a depot or drop-off. With this in mind, consider using a company that offers on-site crating services so that you can streamline the overseas shipping process.


If you’re moving your business from one building to another, there’ll likely be a gap between the two business premises being open. You’ll need to store your site’s equipment during the transition period.

Some office relocation companies offer warehousing services, so you can store goods that are packaged but not yet ready for shipment. Seek out a company offering warehousing services with on-site supervision, so you can rest assured that your items are safe while you wait to ship them.


When moving your business overseas, you may need to transport electronic items to your new premises. Unfortunately, electronic items, such as printers, computers, or machines, are vulnerable to changes in temperature and moisture during the shipping process.

Look for a crating company with foil bag and vapor barrier options to protect your valuable items from water damage or moisture. Foam is another option for high-end and delicate items that you ship. 

The foam protects items such as machinery by providing cushioning and acting as a shock absorber for any turbulence during the journey.

Benefits of using office relocation companies to crate, pack and ship your business overseas


Shipping items overseas is complicated. Depending on the destination country, your goods may be governed by particular restrictions or require specific paperwork to arrive safely at their destination. Plus, if you’re sending any hazardous goods, you’ll need to mark the packages with the correct codes to identify the hazmat. 

Failing to properly label hazmat at best delays your shipment and, at worst, lands you a hefty fine. Hiring an experienced crating and shipping company for your move abroad takes the stress away by ensuring that all the relevant paperwork and packaging adheres to national and international regulations. 


When you’re moving abroad, you already have an ever-growing to-do list. You need to look for premises, check the local business regulations and possibly find a home for you and your family. 

The last thing you need is to be thinking about how to package and ship your business overseas by yourself. That’s where a crating company comes in. A reliable crating service specializing in international shipping can take the move off your hands, leaving time for you to get on with other essential aspects of moving abroad.


Using a crating company is the most convenient way to move your business from A to B. Expert packers can advise on exactly what paperwork your package needs, saving valuable time and research.

The best part? Many crating companies not only offer packing services but also have access to cost-effective, simple shipping methods. So you can save time and energy trying to pack, label, and ship your items yourself and pay an expert crating company to do the work for you.

International move company
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What is the packers’ and movers’ estimated cost?

Giving an accurate estimate for packing and moving is difficult because various factors can affect the cost. For example, the amount it will cost to pack and ship your business overseas depends on the selected services, the quantity and size of the equipment you’re moving, and the destination country.

Get in touch with South Shore Crate and Pack for a quote to see how much it will cost to ship your business overseas. We offer a friendly, professional service at competitive rates.

What’s the best type of packaging for shipping business equipment?

When it comes to shipping valuable personal belongings or business equipment, the chances are that many of your items will be expensive, fragile, and breakable. In most scenarios, custom crates and solid wood packaging are best suited to transporting valuable items overseas. 

Not only do wooden crates boast eco-friendly credentials, but they’re also incredibly sturdy. Custom wooden crates protect your items from the elements, with little fluctuation in internal temperature or conditions.

Plus, wooden crates can withstand much more moving and lifting than other materials, which is ideal for packages transported via machine or vehicle. Heavy-duty wooden crates can carry up to 7000 pounds, so if you’re transporting particularly heavy items, this type of packaging is ideal to ensure their safe arrival.

How can I ensure I properly package my items?

If you’re shipping fragile or valuable items, you want to make sure they arrive safely and fully intact. To ensure your items are adequately packaged for their journey, you first need to establish what types of items you’re shipping.

If your items are hazmat (hazardous materials), you’ll need to package and label them appropriately. If your items are electronic, consider using foam to keep them cushioned and foil bags to prevent moisture from getting into the package. Opt for custom wooden crates for shipping even if your item isn’t breakable but is still large.

How much of my equipment should I move overseas?

When moving your business abroad, it can be tempting to consider leaving all your equipment and machinery behind and buying new versions in your destination country. Not only is this not cost-effective, but it’s also a huge risk. 

There’s no guarantee that when you move to the new country, they’ll have all the necessary equipment available. Plus, you may incur extra costs from having to train your employees to use new machinery or electronic devices. Move as much of your equipment overseas as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and delays in the supply chain that could affect your business’s success. 

I’ve moved out of my old business premises, but haven’t relocated yet. Where can I store my business’s equipment and stock?

If you’re in between premises, don’t panic. Many crating companies offer warehousing services, meaning you can keep your packaged items on-site for as long as you need before shipping them. 

If you’re moving equipment overseas before you have new premises in your destination country, it’s worth looking for storage facilities at your destination. Secure storage facilities will allow you to safely store your belongings while searching for a new office, factory, or retail space.

Crating and packing services and office relocation companies you can trust

Here at South Shore Crate and Pack, we know the stress of packing up your business and shipping it abroad. We take that stress off your hands so you can tackle the exciting process of moving your life and business overseas.

From hazmat shipping to warehousing services, we offer valuable services to help move your business from A to B with minimal stress. In addition, we have years of experience in crating and shipping a range of companies from various industries overseas.

That means we understand how important it is to get your shipments safely to their destination and know exactly how to do it. So get in touch with the South Shore team today for overseas relocation services you can trust.

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