Custom Crates

Our Custom Crating Offerings

Any high-value commodity needing protection during shipment should be properly crated. For example- paintings, sculptures, antiques, furniture, lab equipment, heavy machinery, and so on.  

South Shore Crate and Pack is Boston’s premier choice for custom protective packaging. We provide Boston and the surrounding areas crating and packing for ocean, air, and ground transportation along with long term storage, tradeshow, commercial or residential products. We use the best quality and most durable materials to protect our customers’ items the best we can.  Our crates are suitable for air, ocean, and ground transportation. SSCP also has years of experience crating for a diverse array of commodities.  We can work with our partner’s budget and any time constraints they may have.  No project is too big or too complicated for us!

We partner with large corporations, auction buyers and sellers, universities, manufacturers, international buyers and sellers, and fragile commodity suppliers. Whether you need an auction item picked up and crated or a high-tech piece of lab equipment vapor barrier sealed and packed for export, we have custom crating applications for all commodities across every industry. For our export crates, every unit receives the ISPM 15 stamp for international compliance. You can order custom markings, tip n tells, shock meters, shock absorption accessories, floater decks, specialty hardware, and cushioning applications. 

Our team is available to you 24/7 from the initial design to the final stage of manufacturing. If you are looking for custom crating and packing in the Boston area, contact us today for a quote!

Our Custom Crate Products Include:


A shipping crate is a four-sided container of any size, but usually large, constructed of wood and used when shipping any commodity that is heavy duty or fragile. Wooden shipping crates serves as an upgrade from the cardboard box because it is much sturdier and can withstand unforgiving shipping conditions.

You can ship almost anything (of any size!) in a wooden crate. Items, large and small, complicated, or bulky shaped, and made of various materials can be crated. Crates are usually utilized to transport breakable items or anything of high value such as- sculptures, paintings, antiques, medical/lab equipment, machinery, motorcycles, furniture, TVs, computer systems, and so on.  Basically, anything you want to receive the ultimate protection during transport. 

The cost of a custom shipping crate depends on many factors: obviously the larger the crate the more expensive it will be.  More materials = higher cost.  Then if you want to add other products, such as foam, vapor barrier, or latches that will also add to the price.  A shipping crate is an investment, yet it is worth it when compared with how much money you could lose if you product is damaged during shipment.

If time and location allow, most average-sized wooden crates can be built and ready for our customers in about a day. Based on current workload our team will advise the timeline to complete your project.

Just call us and let us know where your crate is headed. Crates being shipped overseas require a ISPM 15 stamp for international compliance.  This means the wood has been heat treated or fumigated, to reduce the risk of pest infestation.  All our export crates receive this stamp to certify they are safe to travel the world!

The most popular variety of wood used for making shipping crates is kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine because it is accessible and budget friendly.  Oak is also common in building crates, chosen for its strength and durability. SSCP only uses the highest quality lumber to build our crates and pallets.

Providing the crating team with the inside dimensions when placing a crate order is the industry standard.  You want to measure the object you are crating Length x Width x Height.  It is also important for us to know the weight of the cargo.


All crates that SSCP fabricates are customizable.  We can build crates unique to the item/items you are shipping.  There are no limits!

Wooden crates are a great choice for anything being shipped via ocean, air, or ground.  They are durable enough to withstand all forms of transportation and the harsh environments that your valuables can encounter such as extreme temperature fluctuations, intense humidity, and rough terrain just to name a few.

Yes, our crates are sturdy enough to be used time and time again for multiple shipments or for use in tradeshows.  Tradeshow crates can be customized with ramps and latches for easy access to your products and foam for optimal protection as the crate travels from show to show. 

There are several options for this.  We can come to your place of business or home, pick up your items that need crating or palletizing, bring them to our facility and crate here.  Another option is our on-site crating service where we build the crates/pallets at SSCP and bring them to you to crate on-site.  Lastly you are more than welcome to drop your valuables off to us.  Whatever you prefer!

Our custom crates provide superior protection on their own for your valuables, but when paired with accessories such as foam, bubble wrap, vapor barrier, tie downs, latches and so on you can be confidant knowing it will arrive at its destination in tip top shape.  The team at SSCP can assist you in choosing what accessories your products need depending on the vulnerability of the product itself and where it is headed.

First off, we work with all our customers from start to finish of every project. We will walk you through the design of the crate and take pictures during different stages of the job.  Our experienced team will give suggestions and listen to the needs of every single one of our clients.