Custom Pallets and Skids

Our Custom Pallets and Skids

Custom pallets and skids can be required to ship a wide range of products. Most commonly, South Shore Crate and Pack customizes pallets and skids for lab equipment, machinery, industrial machines, artwork, commercial kitchen equipment, raw materials, different forms of metal, small recreational vehicles, vehicles, cylinders, furnaces, electronic equipment, hospital equipment, building materials and office equipment.

At SSCP, we specialize in custom pallets, skids, and platforms of all sizes. We are able to offer affordable pricing because we buy lumber in bulk, saving on material cost. We also utilize a professional shop to cut down on production time. Your standard pallet is 48×40” and at South Shore Crate and Pack, we can fabricate any size both light and/or heavy duty. Our team will work with you on all custom pallet and/or skid projects to accommodate your specific commodity. Our assembly line utilizes the strongest quality lumber and hardware on all finished products. 

Please see our pallet and skids produces below and contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Our Pallets and Skids Products Include:


Skids were the first type of pallets to be developed. A pallet incorporates both top and bottom decks, where a skid just has a top.  The bottom deck on a pallet not only makes it fork-able and more mobile, but it also gives the pallet the strength to put up with up with the force of constant loading, unloading, and moving around a warehouse.  A skid is a good choice for an item needing a permanent platform, due to their durability.  If you are having trouble deciding between a pallet and a skid, the SSCP team has the knowledge and experience to help you make that decision.

Pallets are typically 48 x 40, but SSCP can customize pallets and skids unique to the needs of the item or items you are shipping. They can be heavy or light-duty in whatever dimension your product requires.

In some cases, a full-blown crate is just not necessary, but you need a strong base to carry the weight of your goods while in transit. Pallets and skids are easily transported, stackable, they are inexpensive, and quick to build.  They are also reusable, making them ecofriendly!

Weighing in at about 35-40 lbs., a standard pallet can hold upwards of 2,500 lbs!

Custom made pallets are more durable than pallets that have been mass produced, they also can come in any size.  Mass produced pallets only come in the standard 48” x 40”.  Custom-made pallets and skids for your custom-made products!

Pallets and skids can also be combined with our shrink wrap or vapor barrier service and are equipped with tie downs or straps, to hold your valuables in place during shipment.