Our Foam Products

Foam is used to give an added layer of protection for the most high-value and delicate items being shipped, such as paintings, sculptures, fragile antiques and high-end equipment and machinery.

South Shore Crate and Pack will work with your engineering team on all aspects of cushioning within your crates. Our experts can utilize foam in in several different thicknesses and densities that will suit your specific product. Our team can design floater decks, shock mount skids, and zero tolerance internal foam lining. Whether you are shipping a million-dollar computer system or an expensive piece of artwork, we have the cushion options for every application across every industry.

Please see a list of our list of foam options below and contact us directly with any questions or for a free quote.

Our Foam Products Include:

  • 1.7 Density White or Black
  • 2.2 Density White or Black
  • Rigid or Soft Any Thickness
  • Egg Crate Foam 2” – 3”Egg Crate Foam 2” – 3”
  • Anti-static Bubble Wrap
  • Generic Bubble Wrap


What is the purpose in using foam in a crate?
Foam lining in crates provides cushioning for those extra fragile pieces being shipped and serves as a shock absorber as well. It also takes up that extra space in the crate, so your goods aren’t being jostled around on their journey.
Are there different types of foam?
At SSCP we utilize several different varieties of foam in varying thicknesses. We also use egg crate foam, for very delicate items, anti-static bubble wrap, and rigid or soft foam. Our crate builders have the know-how to use each type to ensure your valuables are protected in the safest way possible.
How can using foam and other protective products help my business?
Foam and our other products and service can help your business from losing sales because of damaged goods. This product provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind while your crate is in transit to its destination.