Foil Bag and Vapor Barrier

Our Foil Bag and Vapor Barrier Products

Foil bag and vapor barrier products are used on cargo being shipped via air or ocean transportation to offer protection from any moisture or water damage.  

South Shore Crate and Pack carries both foil bag and vapor barrier for our customers. Ocean export crates require an extra layer of protection when it comes to the harsh shipping environment over the ocean. We carry 1 – 6m barrier film both in shrink fast and vacuum seal applications. Reach out to our team today for all your protection options.

Our Foil Bag and Vapor Barrier Products Include:


Vapor barrier/foil bags are essentially giant plastic bags that we wrap around your product which is then vacuumed and heat sealed shut, in order to keep any moisture and water away from your product. 

Corrosion is basically the deterioration and rusting of metals due to moisture exposure.  If not packed properly a product made of metal can be subject to corrosion because of moisture, change in humidity levels and contact with salt water.

Anything being shipped internationally over the ocean is susceptible to water vapor, moisture, and salt water that can be extremely damaging to your product and can lead to corrosion.  Vapor Barrier/foil bags prevent corrosion by serving as a layer of protection against those elements that can be so damaging to your products. The air is vacuumed out of these bags and sealed shut to reduce air and humidity levels. 

We would recommend these services to commodity that has exposed metal, electronics, valuable works of art-especially if they are being shipped via ocean.  It would also be a good idea to inquire about this service if it is especially rainy or humidity is high.  If your customer or whoever is receiving your shipment is not uncrating upon delivery and the product will be sitting in the crate for an extended length of time, it might be good to consider utilizing this protective product. 

These are pouches that can be shipped with your items that will help soak up any excess moisture.

As a backup we can also prepare your crate with moisture monitors and humidity indicators.