Relocation Project- North Carolina

We recently helped a client who was looking to relocate some of their equipment from a shared space here in Massachusetts to a facility in North Carolina. Check out the photos below to see a few snapshots of how we were able to get their sensitive equipment safely delivered to North Carolina by utilizing our crating and packaging experts and high-quality materials!


When items are being shipped hundreds of miles, a lot of care goes into how they are packaged to ensure the safe delivery of each items. These totes were stacked on the pallet, wrapped and banded down to prevent any movement while in transit to new location.

Moving items out of state requires a lot of work and planning. One of the easiest ways you can focus on what needs your attention most is by off-loading the shipping of your items to a trusted professional. Even more than just the shipping of your goods, choosing a partner who can pack up and secure your goods will give you even more peace of mind. By providing packaging and packing services, we’re proud to handle the more stressful and confusing process of shipment for our clients.

Custom wooden crates can be built quickly and relatively inexpensively to the exact dimensions needed for a given shipment.

Crating Medical Equipment

The medical equipment held in this crate was protected by bubble wrap and secured with foam lined bracers to prevent any movement during shipment.

Our expertise is in figuring out the best way to safely move your items from their current location to their final destination, ensuring the items are safely stowed as to not move at all along the way. By coming on-site to do so, we are able to get a strong sense of what is needed for each individual item. For example, this medical equipment needed to be bubble wrapped tightly and crated in a custom wood crate. We were able to assess this need by being on-site with our clients, talking us through what each item is, what it’s used for and what it’s made of.

Sensitive Electronic Equipment

These sensitive pieces of electronic equipment were protected by antistatic wrap, bubble wrapped and packed in this heavy duty, double walled D-container. These types of containers are best for transporting sensitive materials like these, as they allow for enough protection and plenty of room to fit many different sized items altogether.

Finally, the truck is loaded with our safely-packed items.

Load Up the Trailer!

With a combination of pallets, D-Containers and custom crates, our team was able complete this large scale load out in a timely manner and get the trailer packed in no time! Once all pieces were secure, our team loaded a dedicated trailer for direct delivery to the customer’s headquarters in North Carolina.

Between being able to be on-site with our clients and having an experienced team on our side, we were able to complete this job with a quick turnaround time, giving our clients more time to get settled into their new home in NC.

Packaging and Packing Services

South Shore Crate and Pack’s experience and specialized knowledge will take the stress and worry out of relocating your office, retail space, or home. Contact us today for a free quote on your relocation or check out the rest of our services!

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