Packaging and Packing Services

Off-Site Removal Services

When someone finds themselves moving out of state, shipping expensive machinery, or selling items around the world, they need to call a trusted packaging company to pack up their goods and ready them for shipment. SSCP is proud to provide comprehensive packaging and packing services, including the actual packaging and packing of all goods but also to handle the stressful and sometimes confusing process of shipment.

We have a 24/7 team for pick and pack and off-site removal. We work with colleges, laboratories, museums, mechanical engineering sites, auctions, real estate foreclosures, barn finds, consumer transactions, and remote facilities. We work with shippers, forwarders, manufacturers, and foreign sellers to get items off premises safely, on time, and well packed for shipment around the world. We will coordinate the shipment so that the most important items are where they need to be in a timely manner.  Our experienced crew has all the tools needed for a successful shipment- bubble wrap, foam, and the sturdiest containers to securely pack all sorts of commodities.  

Have a project for off-site removal? Let our team of professionals coordinate a game plan for your operation. We provide on-site packaging and packing throughout the Boston area and most of New England and we can arrange for worldwide shipment. See below to learn more about what our packaging and packing services include!

Our Packaging and Packing Services Include:


We offer off-site removal services, which means we come to you and safely pack your valuables on your premises to prepare for shipment.  This is especially important when you have items that need to be transported very carefully.  Our team brings all of the necessary equipment and packages everything at your facility so it is ready to be transported safely and efficiently.

Send us an email or simply call us with all the information about the items you need packed up; photos and dimensions of the pieces are helpful so we can better gauge the scope of the project.  We will bring all the necessary tools and equipment to pack up those valuables.

Depending on the commodity you are interested in packing, and the size, number, and the location of these items it could take anywhere from one hour or up to a full day or more. Our team is efficient and ensures we create a schedule that works best for your needs.

We are experienced in packing up laboratories, museums, galleries, medical facilities, mechanical engineering sites, factories, colleges and more! Any company that is planning to move to a new facility should reach out to see how SSCP can best assist you in that transition.

SSCP will provide everything you need for off-site removal.  We have D Containers, E Containers, foam, bubble wrap, shrink warp, and antistatic.