Shipping Crate Vs Everything Else

The wooden shipping crate has been around for centuries. Since BC when the first merchant ships rolled out for world trade, the need for the shipping crate has stuck around. Why is the shipping crate a necessity? Let’s break it down below.

Cost Of Wood Packaging

The costs associated with shipping crates are far more economical than say plastics or a more robust steel. You can fabricate almost any size crate for a fraction of the cost of triple wall corrugated, custom plastic, hard case, and metal.


Solid wood crates offer superior protection when it comes to shipping. When utilized with foam, shock mount, handling placards, and superior hardware, the shipping crate is the perfect balance of protection and weight (heavier material drives up cost) to get your item there safely.


When it comes to carpentry and solid wood crates, custom has no limits. You can fabricate numerous crate applications to cover almost every commodity on Earth if weight will allow it. Shippers like the ease of providing a set of engineering blueprints, knowing there is a crate design that will be the perfect one off fit for their product.

Turnaround Time

Solid wood packaging has a fast turnaround time. Most designs can be fabricated and delivered to customer same day if time and location allows it. Many shippers have expedited demands, with same day deadlines. Wood shipping crates easily meet same day turnaround due to supply and ease of construction.

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