What are Pallets and Skids?

We know crating and packing language can get confusing for many customers so it’s important for us to explain each of our offerings in more depth, including pallets and skids to help our customers understand the services they may or may not need. Get more information about pallets and skids so you can better understand what exactly your shipment needs.

What Are Pallets?

 So, what are pallets, anyway and what’s so great about them? Pallets are made of wood and provide a strong base to support the weight of cargo while in it is in transit. At SSCP, we use the highest quality lumber and hardware, making our pallets extra robust. Our pallets are handmade, making them stronger and more reliable compared to the standard pallets that are mass produced in a factory. Pallets are forkable, making it easier to move your goods around a loading dock or warehouse and space saving, having the ability to be stacked. Pallets are also easy to move, reducing the risk of on-the-job injuries. Lastly, if you are fond of DIY projects, a pallet is your dream come true. They can be repurposed into almost anything you can imagine; they are also reusable and recyclable! Pallets are typically 48”x40”, however we can build them unique to your needs- heavy (for very large pieces of equipment or machinery) or light duty, in whatever dimensions your product requires.

What Are Skids?

Skids are single-deck loading platforms, which lacks a bottom deck. It is a mobile platform that  stands on pedestals attached to a deck. Skids were used widely before the invention of the double-faced pallet but are still commonly used in transportation of cargo. In addition to our pallets, SSCP can also fabricate specially made skids. These are a perfect choice to use as a permanent home for those heavy-duty pieces of machinery. Their durability makes them an ideal choice for long term use of an item that will be staying put.

What’s the Difference Between a Pallet and a Skid?

The biggest difference between a pallet and a skid is that a pallet incorporates both top and bottom decks, where a skid just has a top. The bottom deck on a pallet not only makes it forkable and more mobile, it gives the pallet the strength to put up with up with the force of constant loading, unloading, and moving around a warehouse. A skid was actually the first pallet to be used! You will hear the words pallets and skids used interchangeably sometimes, yet the difference between the two will make quite the difference when choosing which one will work for your product. Luckily, our builders have the knowledge and experience to assist you in making that decision.

What Services Go with Pallets and Skids?

Our pallets and skids can be combined with many other SSCP services- such as wrapping and vapor barrier. They can come equipped with specialty hardware, like tie-downs, to keep your goods intact while en route to their destination. Our team can build pallets and skids quickly, with short notice!


In the U.S. alone, 1.8 billion pallets are used each day, making it safe to say the world runs on pallets. Well, at least we think so! Although seemingly simple, pallets and skids are both versatile and necessary solutions in the world of shipping. We work with our partners from beginning to end of the project, designing and building pallets and skids tailor made for your product. 24/7 we are at your service! Contact us today to get a quote on pallet and skids


wooden pallet for transportation


wooden skid in a warehouse


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