Crate & Pack to offer wooden crate packaging in New Hampshire

Calling all New Hampshire residents—expert crating services featuring wooden crates and specialty packing services, have arrived. If you’ve ever had to relocate an office, move your factory premises, or ship an oversized or oddly-shaped item, you’ll know it’s not easy (or even possible) to do using traditional means. 

Using wooden crates is the safest way to move your delicate, valuable equipment

Shipping specialized materials requires expert knowledge and experience, and that’s what we offer at South Shore Crate & Pack. For years we’ve been looking after the crating and shipping needs of towns in the Massachusetts area, and now we’re thrilled to announce that we’re branching out to New Hampshire.

This wonderful area is known for its thriving economy and range of business sectors, and we’re looking forward to supporting locals with their packing and shipping needs.

We know how challenging it can be to move home or business premises or even to ship a precious item to a family member. That’s why we aim to minimize stress by working hard so you don’t have to, to get your commercial and personal goods moved from A to B intact. Here’s an introduction to who we are and some of the services you can expect from our New Hampshire location.

South Shore Crate and Pack opens in New Hampshire

After years of proudly serving towns in the Massachusetts area, we are opening a new location in Farmington and offering our services across New Hampshire. Our crating business uses only the highest quality lumber for our crates, pallets, and skids.

We source high-grade pine from the finest-quality partners, and every container we manufacture undergoes a rigorous inspection process. We check for accurate dimensions, sturdiness, and strong fastening points. Our specialties include packaging and shipping electronics, laboratory equipment and other fragile and sophisticated items for special events and relocations. So whatever high-quality products you’re shipping, you can rest assured that the quality of the wooden crates, packaging and shipping services we provide will match the quality of the items you entrust to us.

We work closely with our customers throughout the crating and shipping process, so you get a say at every stage of your package’s journey. We’re transparent about pricing and always advise you honestly about what’s best for your items.

Services we offer

Custom wooden crates

New Hampshire is known for exporting tons of goods (over $5 billion worth, to be precise), most of which are electronic products. When you’re shipping something fragile, valuable, or breakable, like electronic equipment, a cardboard box just won’t suffice.

Cardboard boxes are easily jostled around and damaged in transit when shipping electronics. Plus, heavy items will fall through the bottom because of the flimsy material.

The solution? Wooden crates. These sturdy crates are perfect for packing electronics for shipping, as well as other large, heavy, oddly-shaped, or fragile items. We can create a custom crate to fit your particular item, so don’t worry if it’s an unconventional size or shape. 

Plus, they’re made from the ultimate sustainable material: wood. It’s reusable and recyclable, so you can put your crate to good use once you’re done with it.

Shipping electronics and other delicate equipment

Once we’ve expertly crated your products, it’s time to get them to their destination perfectly intact. The good news is we have partnerships with shipping companies that can look after your wooden crates, whether you’re shipping by air, ocean, or using a moving company. 

Need to send your products further afield than the US? No problem. We have experienced coordinating shipments worldwide and are familiar with the paperwork required for international shipping.

Ocean container loading

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is famous for its port, which is ideal because we’re famous for our expertise in ocean container loading. Ocean containers are commonly used to ship items overseas, and loading these containers requires specific expertise in blocking, bracing, and loading techniques.

Our South Shore Crate & Pack team has extensive experience working with these ocean containers, so your shipping needs will be expertly taken care of.

Crate insulation

Creating a custom wooden crate is one thing; ensuring the contents are protected from external fluctuations is equally important. You can use several products to ensure that your wooden containers and everything inside them arrive in perfect condition.

If you’re shipping by sea or your items are susceptible to moisture (think electronics and metals that can rust), consider foil bag and vapor barrier products. These products are vacuum wrapped around your items, forming a protective layer between the items and any moisture in the area. This method is ideal for preventing corrosion and water damage.

Electronics and other equipment susceptible to moisture should be properly wrapped and packaged before shipping to avoid damage from environmental dangers during transport.

Foam is another useful material to add as part of the crating process. If your item is fragile, breakable, or oddly shaped, it can be prone to physical damage as it gets jostled around in transit. 

Foam lining in wooden crates provides cushioning for fragile pieces being shipped. It also serves as a shock absorber and takes up extra space in the crate, so your goods don’t move around during their journey.

Business relocation

Running a business is hard work. It can become even more challenging if you relocate your business premises elsewhere, whether abroad, to another state, or in the same area.

This is especially true for technology, healthcare, and life sciences companies. After all, moving laboratory equipment or precision machining parts without damaging these expensive materials is a little more challenging than sending a couple of sweaters in the mail! 

Manufacturing is another key industry where relocation services can be crucial, as was the case for cities like Nashua and Manchester, built up by manufacturing businesses. These cities are now seeing an influx of new high-tech companies.

That’s where we come in. We know that expensive equipment can be difficult and costly to replace and that when businesses move premises, there’s enough to think about without worrying whether or not your items will make it safely to their destination. 

We remove stress from the process by properly crating and shipping all your products to your new business premises, so you can focus on growing your business in a new community. 

Crating for specialty needs

You find yourself with unusual equipment to ship, or your business gets invited to have a stand at a trade show. It’s all excitement until you realize you somehow have to package and ship precious, expensive materials and have little to no experience transporting your equipment safely.

While many people think of shipping as sending e-commerce products or birthday products, certain circumstances require an extremely specialized approach. Trade show exhibits are one such example, but custom and precision machining systems are also common among New Hampshire businesses. The beauty of custom crates and pallets is that they’re suitable for shipping any size or shape of product, so they’re perfect for situations in which cardboard boxes just won’t do the job. 

Hazmat shipping

If you hear the word hazmat and think of men in white suits and visors handling dangerous chemicals, you’re not alone. But the truth is, many commonplace items in our homes and businesses are considered hazmat (hazardous materials). 

Are you thinking of shipping some of your leftover post-pandemic supply of hand sanitizer to the next state? It could be considered a hazardous material. Before accidentally shipping potentially hazardous materials without knowing, check this list to see if any of your items appear. Healthcare and life sciences businesses who deal in biotech research or medical devices may also find that their materials must be handled appropriately.

If it turns out something you’re shipping is hazmat, we can help. We have experience properly packaging and labeling dangerous goods to ensure they make it to their destination without harming anyone or anything along the way. 

Pallets and skids

Sometimes, an entire crate isn’t necessary, but you need a strong base that can carry the weight of your goods during their journey. That’s where pallets and skids come in. 

Pallets and skids are inexpensive, quick to build, stackable, and easily transported. Just like wooden crates, they’re reusable and recyclable, making an eco-conscious packaging choice. 

A pallet has a top and bottom deck, whereas a skid only has a top deck. Therefore, pallets are more reliable for heavy-duty items because the addition of the bottom deck gives the pallet the strength to survive constant loading and unloading. Pallets are also more mobile and easily moved by a forklift. 

A skid is a better choice for an item that needs a permanent platform, thanks to its durability. If you need help understanding which item will benefit your goods, a member of our team can advise you.

On-site crating

Are your items so large they don’t fit in your trunk? Are you nervous about transporting valuable goods to our warehouse to be crated and shipped? Try our on-site crating service. 

We can create your custom crate based on the information you give us. We’ll then drive the crates to your home or business premises and crate the items there. That way, you don’t have to worry about your items being damaged on the journey.


If your crating job has been completed, but your items can’t yet be shipped, you can be left trying to store a giant wooden crate in your home, which is less than ideal for people with minimal storage options. 

We can store your crates in our spacious facility until they’re ready for shipment, saving you valuable storage space and keeping your items safe. In addition, our warehouse is under surveillance 24/7, providing peace of mind for our customers. 


Expert crating services for New Hampshire’s packing and shipping needs

New Hampshire is a thriving economy full of businesses and individuals, and we’re passionate about supporting their packing needs. Whether you’re relocating a manufacturing plant, moving technology to a new destination, or you need packaging for laboratory equipment, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got years of experience keeping our Massachusetts customers happy, and now we’re bringing our expertise to New Hampshire to do the same in this beautiful state. Whatever you’re shipping, we can keep it safe.

Need our expert crating and shipping services? Get in touch today. 

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